SEO’s how to get the top spot on Google!

SEO; search engine optimization is the process of changing a websites visibility on a search engines natural or un-paid search results. I have used Google due to the fact that they have 71% of search engines market share. There is much confusion on how a company actually gets top spot, many firms rely on a high placement within search engine results to gather online customers, for example; lost 10% of share value as soon as it lost its place with the first page. Chikita networking provided results in 2010 showing that between the bottom of the first page and the top of the second page there was a difference of 143% trafficking, the importance of obtaining first page placement meant methods were developed to do this, however they were not strictly professional. The process of farming; by referencing many links within the webpage it gave the illusion that the page had high levels of content; however Google created algorithms to cancel these out to keep the loyalty of users. So, this should mean that the website with the most relevant context gets top spot? Well this was shown to be untrue this year when Germany accused Google of selling spots for the first page, this was seen to be true however Google denied any wrong doing faulting the algorithm.

Google is more than a search engine, it controls many websites traffic thus controlling their online value, although paying for top spot is illegal I believe that the way to achieve first page placement is through vast relevant context and possibly a small investment in to Google. So surprisingly I agree with the German regulators…..


Allen, J. (2010) How Much is a Google Top Spot Worth?, Search Engine Watch. Available at:, (2014) Search engine market share. Available at:


3 thoughts on “SEO’s how to get the top spot on Google!

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  2. I find SEO complicated and have been battling for months to try and make my companies website more visible. Looking at our website do you have any advice? Also interesting point about it being illegal to sell top spot on google as I have received a few calls from a sister company of Google called Alchemist Digital trying to sell me that exact opportunity!

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  3. A simple way to increase traffic to your website is to reference links that are relevant to the market you operate in, this way the algorithms that Google use will pick this up thus leading it too a higher natural spot. Another way is using key words that are often typed with the search bar to increase the variety of people visiting your site, again make these relevant otherwise they will be ignored by Google. There will always be ways in which it is “legal” to buy your spot however it may not benefit the website financially, and with German regulators already watching this it may have regulations enforced via the EU.


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