SEO’s how to get the top spot on Google!

SEO; search engine optimization is the process of changing a websites visibility on a search engines natural or un-paid search results. I have used Google due to the fact that they have 71% of search engines market share. There is much confusion on how a company actually gets top spot, many firms rely on a high placement within search engine results to gather online customers, for example; lost 10% of share value as soon as it lost its place with the first page. Chikita networking provided results in 2010 showing that between the bottom of the first page and the top of the second page there was a difference of 143% trafficking, the importance of obtaining first page placement meant methods were developed to do this, however they were not strictly professional. The process of farming; by referencing many links within the webpage it gave the illusion that the page had high levels of content; however Google created algorithms to cancel these out to keep the loyalty of users. So, this should mean that the website with the most relevant context gets top spot? Well this was shown to be untrue this year when Germany accused Google of selling spots for the first page, this was seen to be true however Google denied any wrong doing faulting the algorithm.

Google is more than a search engine, it controls many websites traffic thus controlling their online value, although paying for top spot is illegal I believe that the way to achieve first page placement is through vast relevant context and possibly a small investment in to Google. So surprisingly I agree with the German regulators…..


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Virtual Transactions from the Mobile.

Online transactions have become something of the norm in the modern day with nearly all devices having the technology to process online payments. However how far can this go? Millward Brown 2012 predictions featured the mobile wallet on smartphones and tablets, which in many ways was correct but, in the present the mobile wallet has seen advancements that exceed this prediction. Services such as PayPal are now featured in the majority of devices and websites, with a link with the new Samsung Galaxy.


Apple in the coming weeks are to release a new online payment app, it will act as a virtual wallet making it far easier to purchase items online, the app incorporates the fingerprint scanner as a security feature. Apple going it alone using their own software could be either genius or madness, especially where online shopping is a huge aspect of smartphones and tablets. Surprisingly android phones still dominate global market share and are predicted by the IDC to still be very much on top by 2018, with a slight loss of market share to windows phones, this could be down to a cheaper price tag and more advanced tech. However with large online firms such as Amazon and EBay recently having their customers security information compromised is the evolution of virtual payment dependable.



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