I use Facebook to advertise my business…… Oh is that it?

Going back five years, it was a necessity to have a Facebook page for your business, and yes it was and still is a great platform to show the world your product/service and communicate to consumers. However social media is not a digital platform that stays still, like radio or television, it continuously evolves and with this business’s need to follow. I am not about to say forget Facebook as it still is the largest social networking platform and is the second most searched word on the web, after Google, but I am going to say look at others, maybe gamble, invest in smaller social media to get ahead of the trend, not just follow the trend. For example….

Instagram has had an extremely successful year through 2015 and is a great platform to advertise, however apps such as vine and snapchat are becoming increasingly popular with younger users. Although any of my friends and people around the world use all three, they have a favourite. Target a social media that your target market would use, a great example is the use of car advertisement on YouTube, car fanatics prefer video to picture, as it involves more than just sight. Whatever your product of service is your target market will have a favourite social media, for instance, millionaires prefer LinkedIn to Facebook.

An app I advise organisations to invest in is Periscope, already absorbed by Twitter allows people to broadcast liv streams straight through the app and straight onto their twitter, so people can see exactly what they are doing at the exact moment. With Facebook already investing in this concept, not Periscope, but the same concept it is surely going to be a worthwhile investment.

Of course I know this blog post will be absolutely irrelevant in six months due to new trends and fashionable apps, but that is my point exactly, business’s shouldn’t get too comfortable using the now ‘traditional’ social media platforms, when they could be unused tomorrow. What ever happened to Bebo?