Wearing the web…

Technology is forever evolving, especially in size and shape; computers to laptops to smartphones. Now the age of wearable technology is upon us, you may think that wearable technology has been around for a while now, and in many ways that is correct, digital watches, step counters and LED colour changing t-shirts are all examples of wearable technology. However the introduction of wearable technology with access to the web is now available, the release to developers of Google glass’ in February 2013 and Sony, Samsung and Apple all releasing smart watches in 2015, are the major examples of wearable technology today.

Is wearable technology really necessary? With smartphones and other such devices available, and what really is the difference? Some of the technology is definitely going to target the fitness market as the wrist can provide a pulse rate and other such measurable reading that can benefit someone’s health, Nike chief executive has said, Nike has also been linked to the apple watch.

I believe that wearable technology can benefit use in some markets, in the health market, yes, however I think that if it is used for the same purposes as phones and other communication devices it would lead to even more dependence upon the web for some people, their is also an issue of privacy especially with smart glass’; the first person in history has been treated for internet addiction, this is due to over use of his Google glass’.

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